Mike Tyson & Paris Hilton Birth Announcement

Art Direction: Scott Laserow

For this project, I was given the opportunity to create a birth announcement invitaiton for an extremely odd couple, a strange pairing of famous people whom I would choose. The most polar opposite names that popped into my head were Mike Tyson and Paris Hilton. The challenge was designing an invitation that combined the rugged world of boxing with the luxury lifestyle of a hotel heiress. The invitation itself is a boxing glove and the invite that you send back is in the shape of a baby bottle; not unlike the bottle s boxers use in between rounds.

The invite is a double fold out on the wrist that is laced up like a traditional boxing glove, except with golden ribbon. The copy on the invite and the bottle is written in the voice of Paris Hilton.

As for sending and sealing, I creared a wax-seal emblazoned with the shape of Mike Tyson’s tribal face tattoo and the return stamp is a fun little easter egg; it a photo from the 80’s classic Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! for the NES.