Thunder & Lightning



Art Direction: Sean McCabe

This is a grouping of illustration that were made for a children’s book based on a Thai folktale about Thunder & Lightning. As is an ongoing theme with my most recent illustrations, I was growing tired of working digitally and wanted to be more hands on with the drawings. These were all done by hand with micron pen and watercolor. I had dabbled a bit in the past but this was my first time really experimenting and creating with watercolor. The pattern for the endpages is of an old Thai textile pattern.

The story is centered around a goddess named Mekhala and a god named Ramasoon. Mekhala possesses an extremely shiny crystal and this angers Ramasoon. He chases after her with his axe and throws it at her. As soon as he is about to throw his mighty axe, Mekhala shines her crystal, creating lightning, and Ramasoon is temprorailly blinded making him miss. His axe misses Mekhala, striking a nearby area, creating thunder. 

Here’s a quick animation flipping through the book