DMX Album Package

Art Direction: Sean McCabe, Scott Laserow

As any fan of DMX knows, “Give a dog a bone, leave a dog alone, let a dog roam and he’ll find his way home. WHAT!” This project was originally just an album cover for Junior Illustration, but I felt it so neccessary to expand it into a full album package. As an avid fan of DMX’s music, it felt like a must to make this. Of all the thumbnails I sketched, this idea stuck with me Looking at the original cover for this album, it seemed fairly standard; X looking tough holding some pitbulls on chains in a smokey alleyway, looking badass. I like to inject a bit of humor into my work. I know DMX doesn’t always take himself so seriously, so it was a solid fit. A bit of an IDGAF attitude, if you will. For the label on the record, I thought it would be fun to have his screaming head spinning the entire time somebody would playing this. This project was developed prior to recent events with DMX. It is in no way meant to disrespect this amazing artist, of whom I am a huge fan. My thoughts are with him and his family. Earl Simmons (1970-2021)

Being that graffiti is a part of this concept, It felt necessary to carry it a bit further. The idea is that the album would come in a sleeve. That sleeve would have a die-cut of the title on it. Consumers would be able to dismantle/deconstruct the album sleeve and use it as an actual stencil for graffiti.  

The initial thumbnail sketch for the project and other iterations